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Girls on IPhone 4’s FaceTime will do “ANYTHING” for You!

NL-My buddy, journalist Oliver Noble sends me an email-

Here’s Oliver “playing” with his Iphone Sex App

Hi Cindi!

Hope all is well with you!

Though you might be interested in this video I just made for, where I tested out the the first live, interactive, virtual sex app for the iPhone 4’s FaceTime feature… in what might be considered a slightly unexpected fashion.


Intro from Asylum-
Ever wish your porn could watch you back? Not really, because it sounds humiliating and even more scary for the porn stars? Nonetheless, the creators of “iP4PLAY” believe there’s a market for this. (If the success of the Internet sewer known as Chatroulette is any indication, they’re probably right.) 

iP4PLAY is the first interactive adult chat service to work with the iPhone4’s FaceTime feature or Skype. Here you can chat with any number of supple young women, willing to carry out your every whim on camera … for the nominal fee of $5 per-minute.

Recently, we had Asylum correspondent Oliver Noble test out the service (for journalistic purposes, naturally) to see just how far these girls were willing to go to please their customer. And we’ve got video …

Here’s the girls that will do “Anything”. Click link below to see the video on Asylum

NL- This is funny as hell. I literally laughed out loud so much that my dog barked at me. The more you watch the funnier it gets.

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