Industry News Reviewed

by Jon

    One you start to take a look at this content rich site you can understand why it was a 2012 XBiz Awards Nominee.
    The home page gives you several possibilities of navigating around the site. You can use the menu bar at the top or choose one of the links contained in the different panels below it. Whether you go on the site to read or watch something each section is easily reachable. The layout is simple and the colours are pleasing to the eye.
    Girlzblog has the latest news about sex and porn culled from a variety of different sources. GpTV has around 40 videos uploaded by site members that deal with women and porn.
    There is a Feature Article Section in The Word that also has more interesting pieces about sex and porn. It’s here you’ll find posts by guest star, Sophie Delancey. She’s the PR and Marketing Coordinator  for a group of porn sites including The Art of the Blowjob and Pornographic Love. Other bloggers include , genderqueer porn star, Jiz Lee and the talented writer and director Jacky St James.
    There’s also a Guide to your Pussy. It covers everything from making it tighter to making it tastier. The site also offers a series of Instructional Videos made by a sexpert , Jaiya. You can learn about oral sex and masturbation. Sex toy experts provide good reviews of all the latest toys. You can choose and then buy from the Girlzporn Store.
     If you’re new to porn there’s a guide to the terms used by the adult industry. It will come in really handy when you’re checking out the DVD’s offered here or on other sites. Premium Members can stream for a month DVD’s representing 11 different genres with 4 titles each. If you want a wider choice the Pay Per View option is better as this gives you access to AEBN’s large catalogue. The Premium Collection contains works by such top notch directors as Erika Lust, Eon Mckai, Kimberley Kane, Dave Naz and Paul Thomas. (The site also has interviews with directors.) There’s also a Guest Director’s section where you cna view works by up and coming talent. This month it’s N Maxwell Lander. Maybe He’s Gifted won the Best Short at the Feminist Porn Awards in 2011.
    Curious about sex and sexuality from a female perspective? Curious about feminist porn and what women like to watch? This is  the site for you. Take a look as there’s lot’s to discover on a site with a promising future.

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