Glenn King’s ‘Let’s Talk Adult’ Podcast Surpasses 50,000 Subscribers

Las Vegas – “Let’s Talk Adult,” the adult entertainment podcast hosted by Glenn King and Jim Williams, announced today new listenership statistics that dramatically exceed expectations. The podcast now has over 53,000 subscribers and is averaging over 100,000 streams per show.

glenn king

“I have produced and hosted podcasts for the last five years and never seen anything like this,” said the show producer, Jim Williams. “Glenn has really tapped into a vein of people who want to get to know the intimate side of adult entertainers. I think the success of the podcast stems from the ability to have an honest conversation that rings true. People are tired of hearing insincere babble… … at the same time, they can appreciate real talk. It’s hard to say without published figures, but my guess is that ‘Let’s Talk Adult’ is the most listened-to Adult Entertainment Industry Podcast in the world!”

Host of the podcast Glenn King added “Our goal was to reach 10,000 subscribers in the first year. We have now been at it for around six months, and have over 50,000. That’s what I call overachieving. I think what’s driving this is that the podcast has evolved beyond interviews and has moved into the territory of conversations. It’s just me and Jim sitting around with some old friends and talking about the things they are passionate about. We talk about things that matter in our industry, like tips for new performers, problems with agents, racial issues, regrets, and conflicts, as well as hearing funny stories from set and happiest moments. The hardest part is ending each podcast… we are always enjoying ourselves so much that we don’t want to stop! I really want to thank sponsors like Blue Chew and Sextpanther for making the podcast possible.”

The latest “Let’s Talk Adult” podcast is a milestone podcast, episode #25. It features legendary adult performer Nyomi Banxxx talking about challenges faced by  African American performers in the adult industry.  Listeners can find the podcast by searching “Let’s Talk Adult” on Itunes, Spreaker, Google Play, Tunein, Spotify, IheartRadio, Youtube, and anywhere else you can find podcasts.

To inquire about sponsorship or appearing on the podcast, contact Glenn King at  [email protected].

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