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GoAskAlex Talks Disability in Sex Work on ‘The Only One in the Room’ Podcast

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(Los Angeles, CA) – GoAskAlex was honored as a featured guest recently on an eye-opening episode of ‘The Only One in the Room’ podcast with host Laura Cathcart Robbins, ‘GoAskAlex Is The Only Disabled Sex Worker In The Room’.

The adult performer, model and disability advocate opened up about her work as an entertainer both before and after her life-altering 2019 colectomy surgery that changed the course of her life forever, but hasn’t stopped her from creating an exceptional body of onscreen work and cultivating a fiercely loyal foundation of fans and followers.

“It’s still very new to me, although it has become a very normal part of my life… it’s still something I surprise myself with, I forget that it’s there,” she tells Robbins of her stoma and ostomy pouch, a result of her years-long struggle with ulcerative colitis “which kept me from school… I spent a lot of my childhood in the children’s hospital… I was behind in my studies.”

She further explained that two months after her surgery, she went back to work “not knowing how it would affect my income” and continued performing for her fans. “It was a difficult time and I did struggle with the decision to come back to sex work, but inevitably I just love my job and didn’t want to stop what I was doing.”

While she initially tried to hide her ostomy with high-waisted underwear and garter belts, she ultimately decided “sometimes I just want to be naked” and admits that she received a lot of positive feedback from fans, but struggled with explaining her situation during live cam shows.

“It would really take me out of the space I was in when I was performing and lead me to have conversations I wasn’t prepared to have at that time… as my energy levels have changed, I just don’t have the energy for that anymore. But the fans who have stuck with me, they love me even more than they did before because of this change my life.”

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