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GoAskAlex Unveils Informative YouTube Video

go ask alex

(Los Angeles, CA / August 11, 2022) — Three years after her life-changing ileostomy surgery as a treatment option for ulcerative colitis, GoAskAlex is answering questions from curious fans – and those struggling with a similar issue – about her disability and daily life as an adult model, performer and independent content creator through her YouTube channel, GoAskAlexOnline.

The new video, “The Difference Between a ‘One Piece’ and a ‘Two Piece”, offers a straightforward explanation of ostomy pouch systems and appliance options in terms of personal comfort, bag changing options and versatility, and the pros and cons of each.

“Sharing my story means breaking the silence and the stigma surrounding bowel disease and life with an ostomy,” Alex explains on her page. “Follow along as I share the story of my life as the world’s first adult model with an ostomy – and how I navigate the ins and outs of the industry as a trailblazer for diversity.”

She adds that a second video about the ostomy pouches will be up shortly, “and that’s going to be on why I prefer the one piece to the two piece, and why that works for me… there are a lot of reasons why one or the other might be more practical.”

Alex has also posted two other educational clips for those who may want to better understand the process of her post-surgery routine and how she lives her daily life as an ostomate: “Ileostomy Q&A (one month post-op)” and “Ileostomy Q&A (one year post-op)”.

For more info about GoAskAlex, find & follow her at GoAskAlexOnline.comTwitter and Instagram.

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