Goddess Interviews ….Me:

And in between the serious stuff I have to say theres some pretty funny stuff…most of it by Goddess. With Intros from Curious, Dirty Bob, Richard Freeman, and my Mom…


While yer at it check out the rest of her site….being a pretty twisted chick she is sometimes hilariously funny.

Blinded The Light:

It happens in every business, from politics to porn. Some people will reach a position of power that is so potent that they become insulated from reality by the very people they depend on to keep them powerful. It happened to Lyndon Johnson during Viet Nam, the armed survices just couldnt tell him the truth and without the truth you cant make sound decisions. When everything you are told is told to you to keep you happy you lose the edge that got you where you are.

The people I have always trusted the most aren’t the ones who agree with everything I say, indeed I much prefer the one that say “Boss that’s bullshit, it’s a hare brained idea and here is why.” I hope I never reach a level where someone is afraid to do that.

The only thing that really holds porn people together is a bunch of farmland that Los Angeles annexed into the city many years ago. The San Fernando Valley. Personally I think that is both porn’s greatest strength and it’s greatest weakness. Even as a business porn valley has become so isolated from reality, so caught up it it’s own politics and so busy patting itself on that back that it deems anything unimportant if it doesn’t happen in 91311.

While we are busy slaying dragons the real predators are moving in for the kill.

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