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God’s Girl Melodie Gore

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“I remember growing up in Georgia, climbing trees and doing things with my dad. Super tomboy.”

“I loved growing up in a family where we didn’t have to worry about financial things. My dad works extremely hard. He has a heating and air conditioning company. He was a good provider.”

“I kinda hated it. I’m obviously a little bit different. I come from a Southern Baptist Christian Republican family.”

Melodie got her first tattoo two weeks before turning 20. “I got them all when I was 20.”

“I love it because it’s fun and colorful. It looks neat when you don’t have clothes on. At the same time, I hate it because there are some people who haven’t opened up to it. I work a stupid day job at Blockbuster and I have to wear long sleeves.”

Luke: “What was your reputation in high school?”

Melodie: “I was a freak. That’s what everyone called me.”

“I was voted most creative in my performing arts high school.”

“My family hates that I’m in California.”

“I love L.A. because it’s really bizarre. It’s like living in a movie. I could go grocery shopping like this and most people wouldn’t care.”

Melodie was the second girl shot for God’s Girls, which is putatively owned by a woman.

“I have a movie coming out for Vivid Alt. I don’t do hardcore… It’s like the new age Betty Page.”

“My dad was pissed when he found out I was in Penthouse. He said, ‘I can’t believe I raised you this way and you’re showing yourself…’ Whatever. It’s classy. It’s not like I’m bent over with a dildo in my ass. I think it’s beautiful. I think women are beautiful naked.”

Luke: “Have you lost any friends?”

Melodie: “I was dating somebody at the time and we broke up over that… I was like, how dare you stop me in what I want to do. If you don’t trust me, f— off. Now he’s bummed because he realizes what I’m doing is tasteful and it is art. It’s his loss.”

Luke: “What stops you from going hardcore?”

Melodie: “I told my mother I wouldn’t. I guess there are some things about me that are Southern and old fashioned. I told my mother I wouldn’t tattoo my legs and I wouldn’t go hardcore. It’s mostly for the sake of my family. I love them and they’ve been through a lot with me. I keep telling my mom that what I’m doing isn’t bad. She worries that I’ll get stalkers.”

“I have a boyfriend… He ignores [the nude modeling]. ‘Go do your work.’ He doesn’t want to submerse himself in it. ‘I don’t like to think about guys looking at you and blah blah…’ ‘It’s weird having a girlfriend that everyone’s seen naked.’”

“For most of my relationships, aside from the first one, it hasn’t affected it at all.”

Luke: “What are your life goals?”

Melodie: “I’ve accomplished most of them. I wanted to be in a videogame and animated and in a movie. I have friends who draw me constantly… I want to get married and be a housewife… I don’t need to prove myself. I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do. I like simple things.”

“I like shiny objects and candy.”

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