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Gone With the Wind- SEXY or SUX?


I watched Gone With the Wind last night for the first & last time. I found Scarlett to be the kind of whining conniving drama queen I can’t stand in real life. I know its an American classic movie that is iconic. But I really don’t know why.  I did watch the whole 5 hour drama. I was intrigued by the story background of southern folks living through the civil war.   This is an aspect of history I did not think of before. But I didn’t identify with the characters. I found most of them to be extremely obnoxious and unbelievable. But it’s a movie, so it doesn’t have to be reality, it just has to be meaningful. It did keep me watching. I wanted to know what was going to happen. So the moviemakers did an amazing job keeping me  interested. But in my opinion, the ending Sucked. It was a non-ending, making way for Gone with the Wind part 2?  Can you imagine if you were in the theater watching the original, was it 4 hours long then?

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