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Good Turnout At “No on B” Fundraiser


By Rhett Pardon

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition on Monday night held its fundraiser for the “No on Measure B” campaign in front of a strong turnout at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood.
The fundraiser, organized by the No on Government Waste Committee to support its “No on Measure B” effort, was held to galvanize the industry against the vote to be held a month from now.
The event, held on a beautiful Monday autumn evening in West Hollywood, also was held to build funds to help funds to counter the measure, which was mainly financed and placed on the ballot by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
Measure B would require the L.A. County Department of Public Health to license and permit adult movie productions in the county and require performers to wear condoms
Free Speech Coalition board member Mara Epstein, who helped organize the bingo event and silent auction at one of West Hollywood’s famous marquee cafes, said awareness to the issue is what is key for the biz.
“It’s very important for every industry member to know that this not only about condoms; it’s about dental dams, goggles and more,” she told XBIZ.   
James Lee, communications director for the No on Government Waste Committee which is leading the campaign to defeat Measure B, told XBIZ that he was surprised at the large turnout, which was nearly standing room only.
“This is a great event for the industry tonight in support for the opposition of Measure B; the enthusiam is great and we have been collecting donations to help get out the message,” Lee said.
“It is important for the industry to show that they are unified on this particular issue. But more importantly it important to show L.A. County voters that there is opposition to the measure.”
Lee said that so far local Republican and Libertarian party chapters have come out against the measure, and that the local Democratic chapter has chose not to endorse it.
“So there is no political party support for Measure B, and that’s a first clue to voters that shows just how little support there is for the idea,” he said.
“And not just the idea — but what it will do to public healthcare, to what it will cost public taxpayers and what it will do to an industry that supports 10,000 people and contributes over $1 billion to the local tax economy.
Industry veteran Bill Margold told XBIZ that condoms are “con-dumb,” just like the language on the stick-pin buttons the FSC gave out at the fundraiser.
“We deal with the reality of human sexuality, and I dont believe we should be told we can’t perform without condoms. There is nothing worse than seeing sex with a condom on.
“It is basically slapping you in the face with reality and almost the fear of sex because each time you see it you start worrying why that person is wearing them.”
Margold said that he is considering a Nov. 4 water-balloon fight event with condoms at one of the local Deja Vu gentlemens clubs.   
“I would refer to it as the X-rated industry’s version of the Boston Tea Party,” he said. “I want to rebel and sort of stick my tongue out at society in a way.”
“When people watch adult material, they watch it for a vicarious thrill. Condoms take out the thrill.”
Veteran adult performer Amber Lynn, who currently is making a comeback with a video to be released this month, said that any condom law for performers would be a waste of taxpayer money.
“The economy already is suffering,” she told XBIZ. “I think it should be up to performers to create an agreement how they want to perform. It should definitely not be a law.”

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