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Goodbye Molly Cavalli

Dear Members and fans,
I want to thank you all for all your love and support over the last 8 years.  Mollyslife was a huge success and I had the most amazing time sharing the most intimate moments of my life with you.  I have decided to hang up my porn panties and retire from the industry.  My decision was a very personal one with no other reason other than it is time for me to go on a different path.  I hope you all continue to stay members as I have put my heart and soul into Mollyslife with over 200 updates of the hottest girls in the industry.  I have been exclusive with Reality Kings for my entire career because we are the best adult company out there, period.  Everyone here is my family.  I am not gone from RK, I am only gone from performing, my love for the company is undying.  Please don’t be sad, there are so many talented girls out there and many more to come that I’m sure I’ll hardly be missed.  I want to thank all the beautiful girls who took the time to work with me and help create my masterpiece. You were chosen for a reason and its because you are the best of the best.  There comes a time when every girl in this line of work has to say good bye and for me, it is today.  Thankyou again for watching me week in and week out.  I love you all.— MC

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