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Gossip Gleaned from Tips on Twitter…. Pornstar Break-up

Tiffany Tyler & Alan Stafford had been together for a while. Alan doesn’t seem like a jealous guy, but all of a sudden when he and Tiff got together, my favorite nice guy/gorgeous porn star Rocco Reed got put on her NO list. Nobody would have a reason to say NO to Rocco unless it has something to do with a  boyfriend…

After a while Tiffany & Alan’s  “togetherness” turned serious,  in fact  Tiffany was only doing girl/girl scenes.

Well as expected since so few love stories in porn end happily, Tiffany & Alan have split and Tiff is back to boy/girl where she belongs.

Tiffany Tweets: (to Lexi Belle)  I can date you now .. your free game ? hahahah I got dibbs on Tiffany!!!! — all yours ?

Tiffany Tweets: ( to Juliland) I’m back! Single.. and ready to sit in your living room and drink chocolate milk muah!

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