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Got Morals?

Got morals?
Current mood:  argumentative
by my friend Mandy from her MySpace

hey, tonight’s blog is about my apparent lack of morals.  i work at an adult store as most all of my friends know.  i love my job, it’s fun and interesting, pays better than when i busted my ass on a nightly basis at target for alot less pay, and i love the discount.  it’s an easy job that monkeys could do, but again, the pay makes the difference.  i do alot less for more, if that makes sense.

so, sometimes i have to stop and pick up a few things from the drug store on my way home at night.  i get off at around 12:30 am so it’s always late.  there’s a 24 hour drug store and pharmacy right around the corner from where i work and since i would have to pass by it on my way home anyways, it makes sense to shop there.  tonight, i had to stop and get a greeting card for my grandmother who has been in the hospital and some fabric softener for my laundry.  the same older guy who’s usually working, he was there tonight too.

i’ve never had any issue with this guy, none whatsoever.  i always go in, say hi as i enter the store and i’m polite when i check out, no matter how slow the guy is.  i say thank you and have a good morning or have a good night as i leave and i smile.  i think that’s important and it’s just how i am.  so, tonight as i checked out, the guy was trying to read the company logo embroidered on my work shirt.  i just said it for him and he said “what’s that?”.  i told him, “you know, it’s an adult store”.  this is where he went wrong.  he said “OH”.  then he said “i couldn’t go in there”.  i thought he was just being funny at first so i kidded back, “why not, are you not old enough?”  the guy actually kind of chuckled and then he said “oh no, cause of morals”.  i was tired and ready to get home and get a bite to eat so i didn’t argue, plus it isn’t in my nature to argue anyways.  if the guy wants to have a small minded stupid view of things, then that’s not my problem.  in the car though, i started to get pissed off.

i wanted to ask the guy why he would say what he did.  does he assume that because i work at an adult store that i don’t have morals?  does he think he’s better than me and anyone who shops there, because he has morals and we don’t?  what would make him think that just to go in there must mean you don’t have morals?  i don’t want to pick on the guy, i never had any reason to even think twice about him until tonight, but i could really get into a debate with this guy over who has more morals, him or me, and i think i’d win.  it really annoys me that there are people like this in the world and now everytime i go into that store i’m gonna be thinking about it.

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