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Got Work?

Got Work?

OP/ED by Cindi Loftus

The economy is in the shitter. People consider themselves lucky to have a job and be able to make their mortgage payments these days. The United States has lost it’s excellent credit rating. Obama is failing at fixing this nation.

Once considered the greatest country in the world, that is a thing of the past. For the first time in history, our children will have a WORSE quality of life than we do.  Illegal immigrants are leaving the U.S. to go back to their home countries for chrissakes !

People are hurting. Suicides are up. Morale is down. What do we do to fix this? Where do we go from here? How do we turn this downward spiral around?

Republicans say give us less government and more religion. Democrats lean toward more socialistic ideas.

Paying for massive and long-term unemployment is one big part of the many things currently wrong here. Close to one out of ten of us is unemployed, and I will venture a guess that at LEAST two more out of ten of us is UNDER-employed.

I know I am over simplifying here, but the one thing  that can start to fix this economy,  is to create more jobs. The government has to go back and take a look at FDR’s  WPA program. It wasn’t perfect, but jobs will get money flowing and help people get back on their feet. Citizens of the US have to feel confidence in themselves and their government, in their ability to take care of themselves and their family, to be able to work and pay their way. Although there is much more to it, JOBS is the start of the fix.

I don’t have the all the answers. I don’t even have a few of them. I’d like to hear from those who have an opinion and are more knowledge than I on this issue.

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