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Gracie Glam Exclusive Interview

Interview by Cindi Loftus   © 2011
Pictures Courtesy of Zero Tolerance

She was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and South Florida. She lived in Miramar, FL until last week when she officially became a resident of L.A.  Gracie Glam is full of smiles with a sunny disposition, a bubbly personality, and a LOVE of sex. It was no surprise when she won AVN’s Best New Starlet of the Year in January. Now twenty years old, Gracie has gone far in the industry in a short amount of time.

Adult Fun: Hi Gracie. I know you are a busy girl. Thanks for talking to me on the weekend.
Gracie: It’s okay. I’d rather be busy than not.

AF: True. How did you come up with your name?
G: It was actually really random.
AF: I like your name.
G: Thank you. I came up with it before I even got into the industry. I always pictured myself having some crazy alter ego. More like glamour eighties style. So I came up with Glamorous Gracie and when I got into the industry and I told them that they were like that sounds so old, that sounds so lame. So I switched it up to Gracie Glam. And I had no idea how important your name is, but I got kind of lucky I guess.
AF: It’s a great name. And Gracie Glam is way better than Glamorous Gracie.
G: Yeah.

AF: Did you pick Gracie for any special reason?
G: It’s a very soft pretty name and I wanted it to be really girlie and I’m not very glamorous in my normal life so I get to be someone else, someone cool.
AF: Well the first thing I think of when I hear Gracie is that old time comedian that was married to George Burns…
G: Gracie Allen. Everyone says “Good night Gracie.” People talk to me about her all the time. My mom even said something about it to me.

AF: So your mom knows what you do?
G: Yes.
AF: And she’s cool with it?
G: Yeah. Of course she’s not going to be 100% go for it. But she supports me and as long as I am happy and doing the right thing and I have a plan, she’s okay with it.
AF: That’s wonderful. Not all parents are good about it. My parents don’t love what I do, and it’s only writing about porn, not doing porn. If someone asks them what I do, they say she’s a writer, and the second question is always what does she write?
G: I know. People ask me what I do and I say I’m a model and then they ask, who do you model for? UHHHH. Penney’s? (Laughs)
AF: (Laughs) That is a great answer! You know what is funny, and I could never figure this out. I think it was Nina Mercedez that finally gave me the answer. Did you ever notice that most female porn stars are short? And many male porn stars are short also. In general porn stars are shorter than average. Mercedez told me that it was because they are good looking enough to be models, but not tall enough to be models. That is so true!
G: If anyone could give me four more inches I’ll never complain again. I just want to be taller.
AF: When you say someone should give me four more inches, my readers are not thinking about your height.
G: Yeah, okay?

AF: And since you are a porn star everyone thinks you would need twelve inches of a penis. Isn’t it sometimes too much?
G: Most of the older male talent have the size factor, but now a days not everyone is huge. Especially since they do all the parodies now, so they are not just looking for size.
AF: Yes, acting ability is important now too. I never thought of the size requirements being different now, but you are right they are. Back then the industry was all about penis size. Looks and acting talent were less important, than they are now. But there were a lot of guys who had all three, like Evan Stone & Randy Spears. Now I think the guys have to be good looking.
G: I think there are more job requirements when it comes to this because we do twitter and networking and the guys can’t just show up, they have to look as good as the girls.
AF: That’s so true. Because there is a big women’s market now and we want hot guys in the movies as well. Twenty years ago it was a man’s thing to watch porn. Now there’s a good sized female audience who says they want guys they can fantasize about. If you could only pick one scene for people to watch what would it be?

CONT here CLICKY coming soon
Gracie is available through LA Direct Models

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