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Greg Chapman On the Set with Ivan- pt 2


story & pics by Greg Chapman

Action time and Ivan invites me to lurk nearby in the room as they shoot the scene.  Once you’ve seen porn get made you’ll never look at it the same way again. Much as expected there’s nothing romantic or erotic about the process from the sets I’ve been on.  Dicks are crammed into whatever hole in whichever position for however long necessary.  The stuntcocks stand around like beasts of the field stroking their peckers to stay hard and produce a money shot not pleasure. Since this was a b/b/g scene there was anal involved with the unappetizing need to stop so the third input is cleansed, you get the gist. Here’s where the hired puds actually earn their pay to maintain hardness and clean their tools until she returned from taking care of business. At this point, it’s all biological.  Speaking of that. It’s money shot time. Stroke, ugh, splat splat. Ivan then asks her whose cum tasted better, Of course, Steven French’s tasted yucky according to her. That’s a wrap.

Checks are written, Steven French rides off into the sunset on his motorcycle. For all the abuse I’ve given the dude in reviews, Grip Johnson was right.  He seemed to be a cool enough dude,  and if you are a  producer,  he’ll fuck anything as evidenced by all those chunky chick flicks he did when he first broke in with Skintight Productions.

Time to vaminos, so I head down the driveway hoping to make my escape, but the gate is locked. I then ran back up to the house where Ivan who informed me it opens when you drive out, but I didn’t have a car. So, I had to pull another ninja move and jump over the wall to get out. I landed awkwardly, but I was outta there no worse for wear. I’m heading back out to Cali in a few weeks for this year’s XRCO Awards, so keep em peeled for more on the set pieces soon.

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