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Grooby Launches New Membership Site,

Grooby announces the launch of a new paysite,, to sit alongside its deck of 30+ sites in the trans erotica space.

“When we took over Thirdsex, we loved the content but didn’t care for the name or branding,” said Grooby CEO, Steven Grooby. “The premise of this site is simple.  We wanted to find a way we could help support our performers, monetize their older fan/clip content, and also create a product our supporters would love.”

Grooby acquired competitor site, earlier this year and reimagined that site with a new brand and business model to continue to show authentic trans porn, filmed mostly by trans women.

Grooby added, “It allows content creators to license their content to us, while retaining ownership of it and are able to continue to sell it on their own clip and fan sites. Creators/performers can make $300-$500 for each scene, so it’s especially good for those who have already monetized their scenes and want to squeeze a little more from them.”

Grooby outlined there are a few requirements for submitted content:

  • Full-length (20-40 min) scenes filmed in 4k.

  • Partnered (hardcore) scenes, well shot and edited.

  • Logo free – we will be adding our own logos.

  • Established stars or social media/content creators with good followings.

  • Content that is only available on your own site or fan sites and not available legally for free.

  • Model releases/2257 available for each performer.

Contact [email protected] directly to inquire about licensing content for

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