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Guess What? FSC now says Production hold is back on

This sort of reminds me of the olden days when Diane Duke was running FSC.   One day the FSC is saying one thing and the next it changes.

The initial testing hold was really just the FSC bowing down to public pressure. They were hoping the “testing” issue was take long enough the coronavirus shit would right itself.  More on that later

I’m so lazy at this point I lifted the Xbiz version.

This is the FSC statement:

The production hold related to coronavirus will remain in effect until further notice.

Why is the production hold “voluntary”?

We have technically referred to this as “voluntary” because PASS will remain online in order to not compound one public health crisis with another. That is the only difference between this hold and a “mandatory” production hold. During a “mandatory” hold, we make PASS inaccessible in order to prevent the imminent spread of an STI. Shooting at this time is not safe, but closing PASS and prohibiting shoots with one’s household partners would only compound an already alarming public health situation.

When will the production hold end?

We will not lift this hold until the spread of the virus is under control and state and local governments allow the resumption of non-essential business.

When we called for a halt to production on March 15 to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, we used a possible end date of March 31, based on original projections used in state and local orders. That date is no longer applicable, as the State of California’s “Stay at Home” order issued on March 17 has no end date and similar “Stay at Home” and “Shelter in Place” orders have since been called in Las Vegas, Miami, and other regions.

What should I do?

  • Stay at home.
  • Shoot only solos or with partners who live in your household.
  • Do not leave your home to work.
  • Do not have physical contact with someone who doesn’t live in your household.

We will continue to provide updates as we have more information.

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