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Guess Where the Next Olympics Will Be? -Update


The odds makers had picked Chicago. Prez & Michelle even visited yesterday making a personal plea for Chi Town, BUT…

Hmmm Sexiest party capital of the world? Or the poorest crime ridden city in US. Tough choice…

All the best athletes in the world will be hanging out in Rio!

UPDATE-Sorry Origen-
Cities with worst reputation for Crime 2009 from

1. Detroit
2. New Orleans
3 tie Chicago/St Louis
4. tie LA/Atlanta
5. Washington, DC

I understand that you believe  crime FACTS are more important than perception of crime. But when it relates to people deciding to travel to Chicago, to planning a vacation to Chicago, to bringing your family to Chicago, to athletes feeling safe in Chicago, perception matters a lot. And that perception is probably why Rio got the vote. The perception of Rio is a flamboyant fun party town…

As far as poor, you are right there are many poorer cities in the US, I was exaggerating. Here’s the whip, I’ll take my punishment… I’ll even eat a weiner, lol.

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