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Guess Who Schevelle is Dating? He’s a Super Hero…

How did you meet Tony Batman?
I called 1-800-rent-a-stud and that’s who they sent.

How long after you met did you sleep together?
Five years, but it was well worth the wait.

When did you decide that this was more than a one, or two, or three night stand, or friends with benefits?
Tony and I had both gotten out of relationships and all we were expecting was great sex. But after a couple of times of really great sex, we realized that this could go on for a long, long time.  And I am sure that anyone in the industry is aware that Tony has a big, beautiful penis and….I think I’m just going to keep it.

How long have you been together now?
We have had one month of bliss

How have you changed your schedules/jobs to be together?
Tony went from Wisconsin to Tampa to Wisconsin and during that same week I had a booking in Miami. We didn’t see each other the whole time and it was the shittiest week which I spent on the phone either talking or texting him. It just made us realized we didn’t want to do that. After that, we knew that we would have to accompany each other to our gigs. I knew he had to be with me or I would have to be with him from this point out.  So we met in an unnamed city, had a day and a half of lying in bed then it was back to the real world…together.

What are your future plans?
We plan to travel the country together, partying in every city we stop in…dancing naked or hosting the party. Basically, we are going to live the rockstar life… ala…Mr. and Mrs. Teagan.

Funniest thing that has happened to you so far?
So, I have a dance booking in Starkville, Mississippi and Batman comes with me. We get there and… he has just as many fans as me. How the hell does that happen?

What is it about the other that made you decide- THEY ARE THE ONE?
When you enjoy someone’s company so much that everyone around you says you make them sick, then you have something special ….and the sex is great.



October 27th were at the Lodge in Dallas TX
October 30-31 Voo Doo Fest and Halloween in New Orleans
November 2-5th Pt’s Showclub IN Centerville, IL
November 11-14  Fantasy Castle Long Beach CA
November 17 Host Porn Star Karaoke Burbank, CA
November 19-21 Crazy Horse  San Francisco, CA
December 3-5th Oval Office Wisconsin
Dec 9-11  The Pony Huntsville Alabama
Dec 15-19 Blush Pittsburgh PA
Dec 28- Jan 2 Gold Club Baton Rough LA
January 9-12  AVN Convention and Awards (Taping Reality show)

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