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Gwen Diamond On TER

She posts: “So I’m not exactly sure how this thing works-I’ve just been using the agencies. Figured I’d put the effort out there and see who I get to meet because of it ? plus-booking me directly at 1000/hr is better than making you guys pay 1500 through an agent :P”

Here’s a review:

She showed up at my hotel room right on time (!!) dressed in a sexy denim mini and tastful open-toed pumps. After an initial moment of awkwardness, her persona kicked in and it was game on!!! 
She has this slinky, sensual, almost feline way of moving that you just can’t take your eyes off of. She slid into my arms and kissed me softly and sweetly, starting with light and moving quickly to deep french kisses. After a few minutes of kissing and ass grabbing, She just sort of flowed onto the bed and began to do a slow striptease.
I know, this is supposed to be a mini lol…
Anyways, we got naked and she did an amazing DTBJ with all of the eye contact and porn star moves that you would expect. We covered up and f*cked in all of the usual positions, added a liberal amount of DATY (she is definitely multi-orgasmic) and finished with a hot facial…
Anyway guys,  whatever we need to do to keep this lovely woman available on ******** let’s get it done.

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