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Haley Paige (1981-2007) – Did Wanker Wang Kill Her?

Wanker Wang (Inkyo Volt Hwang) and Haley Paige (Maryam Irene Haley) married August 2, 2007 in Las Vegas. It was three weeks before her death.

AVN reports.

Charlie at Fox magazine was getting good info from the coroner’s office but they got spooked.  I suspect Haley was done in by Inkyo Volt Hwang (Wanker Wang).

If this is true, then the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office deserves scrutiny for declining to prosecute Hwang on kidnapping and assault (against Haley Paige) charges in late June.

Mike Quasar posts on ADT: “I’m not going to pretend that I knew her well but I did shoot her many times and I always thought to myself that this was a girl who shouldn’t be doing this for a living. Her innocence was palpable when you were around her. She was just a genuinely sweet girl and it’s very sad that so many in her life chose to exploit that quality rather than embrace it.

“In the grand scheme of things, in a subtler way than others perhaps, I guess I was also one of the exploiters. Sometimes it really sucks being in this business.”

Haley’s father Ken Haley posts Sept. 16: “Haley Paige passed from this life on August 21, 2007. In the company of Chico Wang. Who ya gonna blame?”

One source says Wanker Wang is holed up in San Felipe.

Charlie at Fox Magazine posts on XPT: “I just spoke to the Coroner’s Office in Monterey County, CA. Maryam I. Haley died on 8/22/07. The investigation is ongoing. I was told that this is NOT an overdose death.”

My Haley Paige biography.

Haley had a private MySpace page (the last login was 8/21/07) and this public public MySpace page (last login was 8/18/07).

Talking to a porn producer Oct. 1, I asked him if he had any memories of Haley Paige. “She shot for me three times. I remember one day I walked in and asked her how she was doing. She burst into tears. That was the end of the scene. She had a horrible childhood.”

Here are some photos of Haley posted by her father Ken Haley Sept. 13.

Casket Maryam I. Haley Maryam Maryam Maryam Maryam Maryam Maryam Maryam Maryam in Auckland Maryam and her grandmother Maryam and her father Ken Haley

Haley’s boyfriend Chico Wanker Wang was arrested for assaulting and kidnapping her in late June. The charges were dropped.

In a January 2006 interview with Scott Fayner, Haley said, “I was born in Mexico in a tiny little mining town. I moved to California when I was around 12.”

She says her parents were missionaries in a cult.

“I got a job doing pr for a travel web site. I went to Hawaii for 2 months. Everything was great. Then we went New Zealand [circa 2004]. The guy I was working for, who up until then was a perfect boss, all of a sudden flipped out and stole my passport, credit cards and money and told me I wasn’t allowed to leave his site. My Emails were screened. But we were doing so many fun things that I didn’t really mind for a while.”

“The funny part was that my parents didn’t even care. He’d use how they never emailed me against me: “They don’t even love you!””

“I had become super depressed. Homesick. Crying for 2 months straight. I guess it got to him ‘cause one day he called my father and said “send her a ticket.” That was it. When I got back I didn’t even tell my dad what had happened.”

FAYNER: “Any emotional scars from this?”

PAIGE: “I’m sure I do! But I don’t deal with things. Ever. That’s my problem.”

“My older brother is currently in Corcoran prison. That’s where Charlie Manson is. He’s served 12 years on a 100 years to life sentence for 1st Degree murder. He bashed some guys head with a rock and killed him. I doubt he will ever get out. The worst part is he has a son he’s never met.”

Jeremy Steele emails: “I hope all the malicious cowards hiding out in cyberloserland are happy over Maryam’s death. You know who you all are: you pieces of shit who enjoy incessantly throwing out personal insults every day at porn people.  Contemplate how you’ve contributed to her demise. Contemplate it the next time you insult a porn “whore” because of whatever temporal “imperfections”. Contemplate it unto your own deaths cretins!”

MacKenzee Pierce posts on Shelley Lubben’s MySpace: “before you all make speculations as to why she died maybe you should get your facts stright…. she had left the biz in june, she was from what i know trying to get cleaned up and get stright again living with family and getting over a bad relationship problem with a director in the biz. yes this is very heart breaking i knew her personally…. but the biz is not to blame for her dealth or her mental state…. she had a lot alot of family problems growing up and a harsh family life…. such things i am not permitted to say out of respect. and out of respect for this awesome young woman dont make inaqurate speculations…. and no she wasnt christian if that answers any questions. again stop making it out to be that the biz did this to her. she had alot of abusive relatonshipos through out child hood and adult hood…. she died of heroin over dose. she was a good friend of mine and i hope to god you all can just let her and the memory of her rest in peace.”

It appears to be Haley Paige’s dad Ken Haley posting here.

Michael Smith posts December 7, 2006: “I lived with Haley Paige, real name Mariam Haily, for a year while we traveled together around Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia during 2002, and she was my absolute best friend and is a lot more than just a piece of meat…she has a really good and honest heart, sweet and loving perosnally and was very open minded and adventurous. The year I spent with her was one of my best years ever spent. I cared deeply for her, but due to my typical male stupidity I broke her heart and watched her leave Brisbane AU. and disappear out of my life. I have missed her every minute.”

Haley Paige posts March 2, 2007:

modt of you who wrote such odious comments about my breasts should find a real past time and get a fucking life, as it is, obviously my self confidence is not good to say the least, thank you for ruining my week you feeble assholes. yes, my breasts sag, do you think i dont know that?

i look at my self in the mirror everyday and hate them but refuse to get a breast job.

so you will be happy to know that i have basically quit performing and focusing on my studies, as fr the suicide coment, it does cross my mind. what do you expectwhen your dad let your uncle molest you from age 3 to 6 so he could borrow money. ive been through enough in my life and ive never treated anyone in the industry with disrespect, and i think it is fair to say i did not deserve those comments you fucking worthless cunts.

Haley’s dad Ken Haley (?) posts July 4, 2007: “Hi Mike! Hola Jorge! I know you both, don’t I? Yes, Haley lived in Chihuahua as a child. She’s a true bicultural product, and I hope she’s proud of it. And I entrusted her to Mike on her year-long journey down under. Then had to pay for her to come home when she needed to escape. Thanks for taking such good care of my baby, Mike! How’s it going, senorita Haley? (I’m the most important man in Haley’s life, and I hope she reads this.) Except for the bad story about your uncle, in which you said your parents looked the other way, you’ve managed to project your true sweet nature and loving heart. It’s a hell of a shock to see where you’ve gone, and though I don’t like it, I don’t condemn you for it. I do believe that you could have chosen a more wholesome outlet for your beauty and talents. I don’t think it’s too late to redirect your course. If you need any help or encouragement, you know where to find me.”

Ken Haley posts Sept. 16: “Haley Paige passed from this life on August 21, 2007. In the company of Chico Wang. Who ya gonna blame?”

Ken Haley posts 23: “So very certain. I’m her father. I buried her in Brentwood, California on August 30. There seems to be no word on her or Chico in the blogs. Anyone who knew her, I’d love to hear good stories of her; bad ones, too, I want to know more about her life in the last 3 years or so. Her mother and I (we’re divorced) did not know she was in the business until just a few weeks before her passing. We did not judge her nor condemn her for her chosen path. We love her deeply, and she knows we do, even in death. And to set the record straight: she was NOT molested by her uncle. There was an incident with him, and it ended right there. Her parents did NOT give her up to a nasty uncle for rent. She was very young at the time. We lived in Mexico, the uncle lived in California. After the one incident, we never left her alone with him, and we seldom saw him until he died of a liver disease. My daughter is indeed as sweet and loving as many of you say she is.”

Vin posts on XPT a picture of Wanker Wang holding Kat: “Kat’s the next to die.”

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