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Haley Paige – 1981-2007

Charlie at Fox Magazine posts on XPT: “I just spoke to the Coroner’s Office in Monterey County, CA. Maryam I. Haley died on 8/22/07. The investigation is ongoing. I was told that this is NOT an overdose death. “

Someone claiming to be Haley’s dad posts Sept. 23: “So very certain. I’m her father. I buried her in Brentwood, California on August 30. There seems to be no word on her or Chico in the blogs. Anyone who knew her, I’d love to hear good stories of her; bad ones, too, I want to know more about her life in the last 3 years or so. Her mother and I (we’re divorced) did not know she was in the business until just a few weeks before her passing. We did not judge her nor condemn her for her chosen path. We love her deeply, and she knows we do, even in death. And to set the record straight: she was NOT molested by her uncle. There was an incident with him, and it ended right there. Her parents did NOT give her up to a nasty uncle for rent. She was very young at the time. We lived in Mexico, the uncle lived in California. After the one incident, we never left her alone with him, and we seldom saw him until he died of a liver disease. My daughter is indeed as sweet and loving as many of you say she is.”

Joe emails: “Luke, I saw on your blog a lot about Haley Paige. I heard her and this ‘chico’ guy are dead. Did you hear about this?”

What did you hear?

Joe replies: “Not a lot. just some blog said they died on 8/21/07 and her funeral was 8/30/07 in Brentwood. I can’t confirm any of it. Would you let me know if you find out anything? Her private Myspace was last logged into on 8/21. Kind of eerie. Sad if it’s true. Seems she had a rough life.”

“Luke, This (and this) [Luke: I can’t get into the site, can someone email me the pictures and information?) appears to be confirmation. It is from her Dad’s (Ken Haley) photography website. I trust you will use it in good taste. Her Dad denies that her uncle repeatedly molested her with his knowledge but admits that there was one incident in which they intervened. He says she was very young and the uncle has since passed away. I have also read that she states she had been raped repeatedly by gang members in school. Any way you look at it she likely had a rough life. I hope she is at peace. These photos really bring home the fact that these actresses are human. I was an absolute porn addict and I was watching a clip of her that stopped me. Something about her. That is when I began looking into her life only to find that it has ended. She’s something of an angel to me…”

Using Google cache, we find this from her dad’s website: “Maryam was laid to rest in Union Cemetery, Brentwood, California, on August 31, 2007. Present were her parents, all of her aunts and uncles, most of her cousins, and a number of friends. Her uncle Paul Viramontes and his son Pablo, along with two…”

According to this old version of her Wikipedia page, Haley Paige is dead:

Haley Paige (December 30, 1981August 22, 2007) is a Mexican pornographic actress who moved to San Diego, California when she was around 12 years old.[1]

Her childhood was rough – in her affidavit regarding her ex-husband’s marriage to her she states that “I was molested by an uncle, which my parents knew about, but never did anything. At school, I was raped consistently by gang members.”[4] It is uncertain if these events occurred before or after she arrived in the United States.

She got into the adult entertainment industry in 2000 while living in San Diego[5] at the age of nineteen when she answered a newspaper advertisement for nude modeling. At the time, she worked at Blockbuster and admitted that she needed money to pay rent.

In 2006 Haley made her directorial debut with the film Virgin Territory by Smash Pictures.

As of January 14, 2007 the Internet Movie Database has her credited with performances in 284 DVDs and the Adult Web Movie Database has her listed on close to 40 different websites.

Paige married porn film director Martin Del Toro on October 15, 2005 after dating for about 6 months. They are currently separated with Paige claiming that he married her solely in order to become a legal resident of the United States.[4]

She has aspirations to become a psychologist or sex therapist when her pornographic career is over.[5]

Maryam Haley [AKA Haley Paige] passed from this world in August of 2007 after a life wrought with sexual trauma at the tender age of 25. Her dream of becoming a psychologist was never realized. She leaves behind two loving parents.

This Wikipedia entry includes this photo.

Here’s a post to Wikipedia: “I’m afraid that the news of her death is in fact real. Please see the family’s photos of her funeral, which incidently in one of the pictures also verfies her Bahai upbringing. She left the porn industry a while back hence the fact there is no news of her death in print, but I’m sure it will get around.”

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