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Haley Paige Returns

Chico Wang posts on ADT:

I have given my blessing for Haley Paige to return to porn. She asked me today if she could do Girl Girl scenes and softcore for I gave her my blessing. I try not to get involved with her personal decisions unless she askes for my advice. Though we have been in a completely monogamous relationship since she retired, I understand that work is work.

I have been blessed by working with some of the largest Internet companies in the business currently who give me the freedom to do what I want. I have been so busy and calculating my new sites with investors and my own monies that I haven’t had time to be with Haley as much as I’d love to.

I prefer not to get involved in her work. I think she quit doing porn because she felt guilty and knew that I would also fool around. But the choice is hers.

In an industry rife with liars, frauds and cheats like… Rob Black from Extreme Associates (I don’t know who’s worse), I hope she makes a dent because she’s itching to perform. This also goes for alot of people in this industry prone to scumbag behavior like the two mentioned above.

Yes, I am shooting but quietly. I don’t like to announce things until they are launched on sites or DVDs but they will generally not have my name on it.

It’s interesting. I used to book scenes for Rob Black who bounced checks repeatedly to talent, in fact, he was notorious about that policy to the point that I shelled out money to pay the talent because I felt responsible.

It’s interesting that of all the people I worked for, only Gregg Alan from Diabolic and Khan Tusion when I ran Meatholes were the only truthful and honest people I dealt with.

The way I look at it is if someone lies to me or cheats me, all sacred cows are shattered and will continue. I have no respect for stingy miser liars and have told him to his face and dared him to sue me with his pathetic lawsuit threats. After all, I shelled out nearly 35K to go after Martin Del Toro for being a scumbag and lying to my face with his fraudulent marriage to Haley simply to get a greencard. Nothing surprises me in porn anymore.

Back to Haley, I will support whatever decision she makes and, for me financially, my decision to move to the Internet and other ventures in porn was the best move I could possibly make as my income has increased significantly simply because now I have the freedom to do what I want anyway I want without someone like Chris trying to steal from me anyway he can because he’s a thief.

I guess I’ll have to give Haley’s pussy a rest so she can get back on the ball again. You will see her this weekend on back in action.

Chico Wang

PS: If you made a guy a shitload of money and he refuses to pay you, wouldn’t you be pissed too? I’m tired of lawsuits but he knows this will open up a major can of worms.

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