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Halloween Costumes 1: “Sexy Bigbird” (unfortunately) exists

Sesame Street really has no place in politics. Any human with half a brain (yes, pornstars included) can tell you a presidential debate should focus its attention on the welfare of its nations people including job creation, taxes, and deficits; instead, on October 3rd 2012 Mitt Romney decided to put Big Bird’s head in a noose, saying he’s willing to cut funding to the popular network PBS that airs Sesame Street.

Enter Big Bird hype and memes. Big Bird ANYTHING to destroy Romney in the public eye. But this might have gone too far, as Big Bird costumes have hit the market this Hallowe’en season. Social media does a pretty good job of over saturating any given topic, and this Sesame Street thing is no exception.

Enough of this political jargon though, you’re obviously here to see some hot chicks in sweet Sesame Street gear. Welp, I can offer you the hot chicks – as for the sexy gear, that’s up to you to decide. Who knows if you’d wanna be caught in Oscar’s trash can, bending her over and banging the fuck out of her sexy can (yes, oscar and his trash can are one of the costumes available). Check ’em out:





(I’d still bang those broads though)


Big Bird even started its own twitter lol –

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