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Handling of obscenity cases disputed

From the LA Times:

On a cold morning in January, FBI agents converged on a modern brick office building in Koreatown in a mission conjured up at the highest levels of Washington: to rid the world of adult films by an obscure niche producer named Ira Isaacs.

From his 12th-floor suite above Wilshire Boulevard, Isaacs, a stout, fast-talking 56-year-old Bronx native with a short ponytail and a lopsided “soul patch” of black hair under his lip, sent out some stomach-churning porn.

…Isaacs was barely known in the $4-billion adult entertainment industry in Los Angeles; his films, featuring bestiality and defecation, catered to a tiny audience. Yet his was the first obscenity case brought in Southern California by a Justice Department task force formed in 2005 after influential Christian conservative groups demanded a crackdown on smut.

…Still, the department has brought fewer than two dozen adult obscenity cases since the task force began. All are at the edge of the erotica spectrum, often depicting violence or defecation.

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