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Hanna Hilton interview (pics)

by Cindi Loftus of Xcitement mag & .com
Pictures Courtesy of Vivid      

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She’s the Mom to a four-year old and the girlfriend to porn guy, Jack Venice. She’s a new citizen of Houston, Texas, and a small business owner.  She’s also a beautiful girl with a tiny waist and huge all natural boobs; the perfect candidate to be a porn star. But it took awhile for her to get to that point. As a matter of fact it took her a couple years to work up too. But it was sure worth waiting for! Hanna Hilton started out as a nude model and ended up as a Vivid Contract star, now making her third movie. Want to know what happened in the middle? Hanna’s a bit shy at first during our interview, but she warmed up to me after a little while. Here’s the story…

(NL-interview is shortened here)

Hanna: …When I do these interviews people always expect something else out of me. They want me to say something crazy or be somebody I’m not. I’m boring.
X: Just because you are normal doesn’t mean you are boring. There is a certain image that is expected of you because you are a porn star, I guess, and that’s not always fair. Just like when people think anyone involved in the adult industry is a drug addict and a sex addict. And often it’s just not true.
H: Right. When a regular actress in a movie plays a role, it doesn’t mean she is like that in real life. This is my job. It’s my work. It’s what I do. When I am home, I am a normal girl.
X: I know how you feel. When I say I’m a writer people always ask what I write. I say I write about the adult industry and I either get a “cool” or a snotty “oh”.
H: I’m the same way. I have a four year old little boy and I’ve lived in Houston for about six months now and I’ll meet people and they ask me what I do for a living and I almost don’t know what to say because it’s such a crazy mixed reaction.
X: You don’t know if you are going to get a smile, a smirk or a dirty look. And even if you get a smile, the minute you walk away you know they are going to be talking about you.
H: Exactly.
X: You could tell people that you go out to LA to do parts in movies. That’s not a lie, it’s just not the whole truth.
H: Before I would say I’m a nude model, because for a few years I just modeled for magazines and did my website, and that wasn’t really a big deal. But now that I have signed with Vivid, it’s kind of awkward. It seems like people think because I have signed with Vivid I am a different person or something.
X: You couldn’t have signed with a company with a better image. If you are going to be an adult star, there is no better place to be.
H: Oh I am definitely very lucky. I’ve gotten to work with all the best companies in all the aspects of porn.
X: So you started nude modeling about three years ago?
H: The first time I came to LA was in June 2006. A little over two years ago,  I shot my cover for Hustler.
X: So that was when you started and you were only doing soft core nudes.
H: I was doing magazine shoots, stuff for websites and stuff for my own website. I did layouts for all the major magazines. I made a living like that for two years. I would go to LA about a week out of every month.
X: Did you progressively get a little sexier in your layouts? Did you do solo masturbation scenes?
H: When I first went out I was so shy. I eventually got more comfortable in my own skin. I got more comfortable being naked in front of the camera and in front of other people. I just slowly progressed. I am really glad that I took my time.
X: So you didn’t shoot your triple anal scene yet then.
H: (Cracks up) No.

X: In your magazine layouts did you do girl/girl layouts and guy/girl layouts?
H: No. I didn’t. I would shoot with a girl, but there was no sex involved. It was just posing together. Playing with each other’s boobs. I didn’t shoot my first hardcore m agazine layout until after I shot my first hardcore scene.
X: What was your first scene?
H: My first scene was for with Jack Venice. It was for their website of Real Wife Stories. I am this housewife that doesn’t get enough sex from her husband so I end up having sex with my personal trainer.
X: Well Jack is a good looking personal trainer.
H: I’m into blonde haired, blue-eyed boys….  Jack is not really working in the industry anymore.
X: Is he coming back to the industry?
H: I don’t know. I don’t think so. We just started a business and he’s running that.
X: That’s great! When you decide to retire your business will be going well and you have that to go to.
H: It works out perfectly with my little boy. Jack stays home and plays Mr. Mom when I am gone working.
X: That’s so adorable. I can’t see Jack being Mr. Mom. He’s so macho.
H: Nobody could. He’s never really had a relationship before me. Even when I met him it took me a while to say I would try this out. He is different then the person that everyone sees in front of the camera.
X: I’m sure. Because I see a tough guy, Marine, with a crew cut and tattoos, but he has a soft side that you see….  Where did you get those boobs, my God?
H: (Laughs) I don’t know
X: Does your Mom and your aunts have huge boobs?
H: They all have C’s or small D s. I think I got them from the women in my Dad’s family, but I never really met any of his side.
X: Well you got all the good stuff, because you are so thin, and then you have huge boobs. People who meet you must for sure think you have fake boobs.
H: Always. Always. They don’t believe me when I say they are real.
X: Well that’s not a bad thing, for people to think your boobs are so nice that you must have paid for them, when you got ‘em for free….    Okay, sex time, I read that you had sex in an elevator in the  MGM Hotel in Vegas.
H: I did.

X: There’s cameras in there and I bet those security guards went home and took those tape with them.
H: I didn’t really think of it at the time. I’m not a really big drinker, but when I do drink, watch out. That was definitely the most crazy place I ever had sex in my real life.
X: Was it really quick or did you stop th e elevator?
H: It was very quick. It was maybe a minute in the elevator, and then we finished in the room.
X: That must have been exciting. Did you ever have sex outside?
H: I have had sex outside,  in a pool or a hot tub or in my back yard. I have done it behind a church in a car. I had the same boyfriend all through high school and both of our houses were off limits, so we had to get creative.  Most of the time we were in a car.
X: Did you ever get caught?
H: No. I didn’t.
X: Do you have a set of rules of what you will do and will not do on camera?
H: I’m not really into anal, so I said no anal. But I don’t do that in my personal life.
X: Would you do an orgy with boys and girls?
H: I don’t know. I think I need to s lowly progress just like I did with my whole career. I need to get used to boy/girl scenes and boy/girl/girl scenes and then maybe we can add some people in there. I just have to get comfortable with each level. I think it’s really good to leave people looking forward to something. If you do everything all at once then it’s not as fun for fans or for you… Has anything funny happened since you started working for Vivid?
H: Just a few weeks ago I was filming a new movie called Bounce and I was doing this scene, and being as graceful as I am, I got a cramp and I scoot back to stretch and I didn’t realize I was on the edge of the bed and it was like THUD. I fell so hard backwards and hit my head on the floor and I felt stupid and I had to get up with the whole crew laughing at me and finish the scene, with my cheeks bright red.
X: Which cheeks? Just kidding. I hope they got that on the BTS. Do you ever get recognized in Houston?
H: No I haven’t. But we were at Walmart the other day in the parking lot walking to our car. This car was going by us really slow. To tell you the truth I thought this dude was checking me out or something. That is what is going through my head, pervert. So then the guy pulls up and says “Hey Jack! I’ve seen your movies !” I started cracking up.
X: So the hell with you Hanna, he was interested in your boyfriend! Do you have a message for your fans?
H: I hope you enjoy my work and it’s new to me and I am just learning, so don’t be too hard on me if I fall off any more beds.


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