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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sophie Dee! Sorry Shit Happened…

NL-Sophie has been so excited about her birthday party that she has been talking about it for weeks on Twitter. She even sent me a personal invite ( which was SO nice of her). I couldn’t make it because I’m not in LA, but I knew that party would be great. Then I went to check out Rick’s pictures today and wondered why I couldn’t find one of Sophie looking really happy. Then I read her blog. Now I know why…… So sorry baby.

Sophie Dee writes on her blog

my birthday party that went wrong!!!
  So I was sooooo excited to have my birthday party last night! Me and Sierra Skye did a whole shopping day to get nice dresses and accessories and had our hair and makeup done. All my friends came to the event, I was so shocked and happy they all made it! Then, the fucking club decided to only let a handfull of my friends in to the club, after I was allowed to have my party there and I had a guest list. They didn’t even let all my friends in that rode with me in the limo! What the fuck was the point in a guest list? All my friends and fans had to wait outside in the cold! I got so mad I left the club after only being there an hour! I felt so bad that everyone came out and got all dressed up nice, and they couldn’t even get in. A few people came to my house after to have a few drinks, so that made it a bit more fun. So I just want to say sorry to all my friends and fans that it didn’t turn out good. I’ll be having a make up party, so I can actually have good memories of my birthday, lol. The make up party will be on the 30th at Aqua Lounge. It will be fun! Thank you all for coming last niht. I hope that we can redo it on the 30th and really have a good night and have lots of fun! kisses sophie

Pictures by Rick

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