Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day The weekend has finally come, but unlike most this weekend in North America is set aside to celebrate a very special group of people who, without their collective uteri we pretty much would not have been (literally) pushed into existence! So, join me now in saying a big ol’ Porn.com ‘Thanks Mom!’ to all of the beautiful mothers out there who have stretched their matriarchal wings, working hard to produce the scumbags that we are today!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank a very specific subset of mothers that may not have had the pleasure of painfully birthing a majority of our nation, but who do get the distinct privilege of raising us just the same. Yes, step-moms, I’m talking about you guys! Having to put up with our dysfunctional bullshit just so you can marry our fathers (Or mothers, after all it is 2012, we’re not going to judge) speaks very highly of your great character! So high in fact, that we celebrate your daily tribulations and triumphs with your very own series of videos here at Porn.com.

I know a group of young men who are especially thankful for you and all your many talents! So while you cleanse and exfoliate the day away relaxing in the spa that we sent you to please know, we’re going to use this time to relax in our own way –watching some other hot step-moms spread their matriarchal …legs.

Holly Halston is a hot soccer step-mom for PORN.COM

Roxanne Hall is the Preacher’s Wife and familiar with the ‘devil’s work’ for PORN.COM

Bailey Brooks gets tagged by a father/step-son duo for PORN.COM

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