Happy Valentine’s Day…Porn.com Style!


Happy Valentine’s Day from Porn.com!

Personally, I hate and LOATHE Valentine’s Day with a passion (pun totally intended) because I’m just not that grandstanding romantic loser who will swoon and melt your heart whilst holding a stereo above my head blaring some trite 80’s love ballad. That’s just not my style. If you feel the same way about this thinly-veiled corporate holiday then you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to the Anti-Valentine’s Day blog post where I will summon all of my formidable porn powers and SHIT on this sheeple holiday with oddles of tasteless humor and of course, sexy free Valentines porn videos, which brings me directly to my next point.

Valentine’s Day Porn Videos!


Everyone’s heard of Halloween porn parodies, Christmas porn parodies and Easter-themed porn parodies, but have you ever seen a Valentine’s Day porno? This next clip stars ultra-MILF, Darla Crane as she shot in the ass by Cupid’s magic arrow and promptly falls in love with her step-son, Sonny Hicks. Watch!

Of course, I have more! Keep scrolling, you love jilted horndog!

Bonus Links!

valentines-day-porn-with-teal-conrad-hard-core-sex-nick-manning-porn1Super Secret Bonus Valentine’s Day Porn with Teal Conrad!

Sexy Brunette Sucks and Fucks Her Man on Valentine’s Day!


Now for some Valentine’s Day Jokes!






vdaycard2-jillian-janson-valentinesCLICK ME !


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