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Harmony Rose Wants to Work As An EMT

From huffpo

This EMT trainee has experience getting the blood flowing.

Harmony Rose’s birth name ****** according to IMDB. She has been featured in more than 200 pornographic videos between 2004 and 2010. Her videos include “Masturbation Nation 3,” “Farmer’s Daughters Take It Off” and “Sack Lunch.”

Rose, 29, has since left the adult entertainment industry, WDBJ 7 reports, and she’s training as a volunteer EMT with the Cave Spring Rescue Squad in Roanoke, VA, for the past few months. Now some officials are getting hot and bothered over her participation.

Exactly when Rose left the industry is unclear, though IMDB lists her most recent credit as occurring in 2010.

Fire Chief Rich Burch learned about Rose’s previous career from Roanoke Fire & Rescue employees, Director of Public Information Teresa Hall told The Huffington Post. Having never dealt with such a situation before, Burch contacted the Office of the County Attorney.

Attorney Paul M. Mahoney replied on June 27. In a letter obtained by The Huffington Post, Mahoney stated that Roanoke County does not generally get involved in the decisions of volunteer rescue squads. However, the attorney also noted, “Anything that results in public ridicule of the volunteer squads . . . must be avoided.”

Mahoney then recommended that Burch “supports the decision of the volunteer chief if she decides to terminate the membership of [Rose].”

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