Industry News Takes Home Award for Best Fetish Website at UK Adult Producers Awards 2016

Asian hardcore teen performer, cam girl, model and blogger Harriet Sugarcookie’s adults-only site  has won the UK Adult Producers (UKAP) Award for Best Niche / Fetish Website for 2016.

The UKAP Award nomination was Sugarcookie’s first, as she was in attendance at the UKAP Awards Show which was held at the 14 Leicester Square Gentlemen’s Club in

“Winning this award was probably one of the most amazing moments I’ve had in my career,” said Sugarcookie. “I can’t thank my fans and everyone who has supported me enough. It is an overwhelming feeling to be appreciated on this level. My website is a bit different and doesn’t really fit into any normal category, so it means so much that fans and people the industry enjoy my work.”

“My mum called me up just before to ask if I had won, and I was so happy to call her back and tell her that I did. It’s inspired me to keep working hard to build my community and try to make my website the most fun and geeky place on the internet.”

The lifestyle blog focuses on Sugarcookie’s personal interests – advice columns, recipes, movie reviews, cam shows, her sex diary, a fantasy football league – as well as XXX amateur clips of the British starlet having sex with friends, up & coming porn stars and her favorite sex toys.

“The appeal of is that it’s real, and the scenes are personal and raw, which many people prefer over staged productions,” said Sugarcookie, who launched the site in 2015 as a general interest men’s magazine mixed with nerd culture… and hardcore porn.

Follow Harriet Sugarcookie on Twitter (@HSugarCookie) and Instagram (@harrietsugarcookie).

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