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Harry Reems- Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview With Harry Reems
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Cindi: Do you get recognised when you go out in public?
Harry: I don’t have my moustache. I have totally grey hair. I don’t get recognised for being Harry Reems the porn star. The call me Harry Reems the Real Estate broker.

Cindi: So you have reinvented yourself.
Harry: Yeah. And I kept my name because I didn’t want to have to go through all the denial stuff. I could have  changed my name so people didn’t know who I really was. I didn’t do that. I kept the name. It was a very positive thing.

Cindi: It was a very brave thing.
Harry: I call myself one of the good guys.
Cindi: You are one of the good guys.


Cindi: I read that you said that no one under the age of 50 knows who you are. You didn’t really say that did you?
Harry: Sure I did.
Cindi: It’s not true.
Harry: I guess people connected to the porn industry know who I am. But when I walk through the supermarket no body recognizes me.
Cindi: And that’s probably a good thing, because that would make your life a lot more difficult.
Harry: Oh yeah. It’s not who i am.  I’ve never been a loud obnoxious pursuer of glory.
Cindi: Oh I can name a lot of those that you know. Al Goldstein is the first one that comes to mind.
Harry: RIght, and Ron Jeremy, and he’s a nice guy. But he wants to be the star.  I think he still has the first penny he ever made.
Cindi:He probably has 50 million in the bank. 
Harry: I remember Al and Screw magazine. I was probably one of his first interviews. For a half dozen years he was a multi-millionaire. I liked him because he was articulate, intelligent and very outspoken. He was a brave guy.

Cindi: Did you know that Al Goldstein writes about being on food-stamps and section 8 housing?
Harry: That’s probably were I am headed. I haven’t made a penny since September 07. We have been living on savings and trying to sell our house. It’s probably worth a million but I still own $500,000 on it. If we could sell it we could move to a smaller town 15 minutes away, buy a house free and clear for $300,000 and never have a mortgage payment. And then I’d be okay between my social security, my IRA’s, and I guess I am going to get disability. I use the VA Hospital all the time. They are an excellent hospital. I used to work a lot and now i can’t work at all. ( Harry has a serious back injury) I used to enjoy skiing and golfing and I can’t do any of that anymore. Everything is coming soon. I can collect social security next year. It’s not a lot of money, thirteen, fourteen hundred a month. I was used to living on 25,000 a month and now I’m not getting that a year.
Cindi: I can’t say that i ever got to live on 25k a month.
Harry: I made a lot of money in the adult industry. I could make a hundred and ten, a hundred and twenty thousand a year, but I would be doing 40 or 50 movies.

Cindi: I want to end this with a quote I found from one of your fans who posted it two months ago on a board where your name was mentioned- “Congrads on your incredible ability to overcome the heartbreak and push into a new better life. You are an inspiration and a pretty funny talented guy as well.” It’s from
Harry: Someone said that about me recently? That’s nice


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