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Has Mindgeek just launched a Racist Rape site?

Manwin / Mindgeek recently launched a new site about border patrol sex where border patrol guards catch females trying to cross the border, force them to have sex and then send them back to Mexico.

A news reporter points out that it’s incredible insensitive since in reality an estimated 80% of females trying to enter the US illegally are raped or sexually assaulted.

Is it just me or does anyone else find this a little fucked up?

I mean obviously it’s racially degrading, but it’s also promoting the rape and sexual exploitation of women.

What the fuck is wrong with Manwin (Mindgeek) supporting something like this? Who the fuck thought something like this would be okay?

“Watch these guys hunting the illegal female immigrants and giving them a lesson on why the law should be obeyed. Cruising in their SUVs, agents catch these college girls in the field and fuck them really hard. Getting fucked by border patrol agents is one thing, but these girls don’t know that this doesn’t really mean they get to pass the border afterwards. The harsh school of reality”

The YouTube videos talks about the site. Basically they say …

One of the biggest pornography companies in the world has web series called Border Patrol Sex that features American border patrol agents catching undocumented Mexican and Central American immigrant women attempting to cross the border, arresting them, handcuffing them, raping them, and then sending them back to Mexico.

Here is the Mindgeek (Manwin) promotion about the new site

We are pleased to announce a new exclusive EuroRevenue site:

A reality site with great content showing hot undocumented girls trying to cross the border illegally, luckily(for us) our border patrol guys are always stiff on the job!

Along with this amazing new site we are offering a €70 PPS promo the week of July 13th to 19th!. All accounts in active standing are eligible for this promo.
Discount and mobile programs do not participate in the promo. *See full terms below

With a new thumb style tour and girls hotter than a Mexican Chili we are sure you will see success in promoting this exclusive content.

Log in to your EuroRevenue affiliate area now and grab banners, FHG’s and hosted tube clips to start promoting

Remember it’s €70 PPS and 70% revshare the whole next week!

Border Patrol Sex

According to XBIZ, Manwin (now Mindgeek) took over EuroRevenue in 2010.


Some of the comments on the YouTube video are more disturbing than the video itself.

Jimmy J. Rustle: Its fun because Mexicans are not humans

Anal Assparian: Oh god I would LOVE to go down to the boarder and get gang banged by a group of sexy illegals and his Mule. Those sexy mexicans can cross my boarder anytime.

prettythuguc: Help me get this. If people want something they can’t afford and they decide to pay for it with Vagina, why is the person taking the payment evil? Wouldn’t it be worst for those people if they couldn’t pay with Vagina?

Zen Master: Haha where can I watch this rape porn!!

Update: JT of Fake Taxi fame provided me with some updated information about this site.

MG do not own the site, they had it live for a matter of days before they pulled it. Eurorevenue now owns the site. MG have not owned Eurorevenue anymore.

I tried to find any information about MingGeek no longer owning Eurorevenue. I found about 27 links to stories about how in September of 2010 they bought the site or took over or revived it but I haven’t been able to find any published articles about them no longer owning it. So I am unable to say for sure if Mindgeek (Manwin) still owns or is somehow still associated with Eurorevenue. Every article I have found says they own it.




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