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Hash Tag Stormy Daniels Day #StormyDanielsDay

Stormy Daniels is arguably the most famous Porn Star in the word, past and present. Other notable names Jenna Jameson and Traci Lords.   My Sunday mornings usually involve complaining that I am up to early, respond to text messages, and within the first 30 minutes of my day, I find myself on Twitter. I giggled when I saw Stormy Daniels was trending,  she had her own hashtag #StormyDanielsDay. I knew it was in reference to her 60 minutes story that would air later.


The Run Down of the interview:


  • A week and a half before the election Stormy was paid “hush” money to not talk about the affair. Which may have legal ramifications for the current President.
  • She is doing the interview because she wanted to set the record straight. She was not paid for doing the interview. She wanted her side of the story out.
  • She was offered interviews that would have paid a lot of money, but did not take them. She was fine staying quite.
  • She could be sued a million dollars for the interview. There may be up to 20 million dollars in fines.
  • A man in Las Vegas threatens Stormy to leave Trump alone several years ago. It was indicated that her (Stormy) child would grow up without a mother.
  • Trump liked her because she was beautiful strong and smart, he stated like his daughter.
  • Trump stated he would be able to get Stormy on  his TV show The Apprentice. He dangled it in front of her and  possibly strung her along in hopes of getting more sex.
  • They only had sex one time.
  • She did not want to have sex with him, but stating she is not a victim this is not a “me too” movement.


After the interview, I skimmed over twitter once more. She had a new hash tag that was trending #stormydaniels.  I noticed people were not saying much about her story.  People appeared more focused on her pupil size, claiming she was on drugs.  I do feel that is a victory for her. If the most negative subject a person can pull out of the interview is her pupil size, it’s a victory.

The big takeaway isn’t if the affair took place or not. A person does not get a hush money and pending lawsuits if the affair didn’t happen. She stated, “I have no reason to lie, I am at risk of finance and possibly physical harm.”  Is it a publicity stunt?  She is taking a risk of at least a million dollar fine. I doubt she will make over a million dollars with this interview.  The real story isn’t about the affair. It’s about what people in power are capable of. If the stories are true, she was intimidated; she was bullied and threaten to keep her silent. The focus now should be why go through all the trouble to keep someone silent unless a person has something to lose? Maybe an Election?

No doubt Stormy is experiencing a lot of negative feedback. The amount of feedback can be overwhelming. I believe she did a really good job; she spoke with coherently, precise and at times even playful. She should be proud.


Written by Brian Jay

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