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Hatler Gurius Claims He’s The “3rd Most Requested Male Talent in the game” LOL WTF???????????

Hatler Gurius

Hatler Gurius’s twitter is like a tube of Pringles. You swear it off, then you say let me have a couple, and before you know it,  you are back at the gym doing an hour on the StairMaster. Against my better judgment, I went to his Twitter and found all sorts of gems.

I’ll start with this one today:

That is an excerpt from a series of text messages, in the text he claims the is the 3rd most requested male performer in the game, which I’m guessing is porn. I truly thought he was playing, but then he said this:

LMAO, 60 scenes? you turned down 60? One, that’s 100% a lie, two, there are blow bang mopes that shoot more times than that every year…

Like we all do, I ran to Pornhub to look at his ranking, maybe he is popular, popular and legit like the Urban x Awards.

According to Pornhub, Hatler is ranked 8117 in the world, and dropping. He has 2.7 million views. That’s good right? His profile has 85,973 views. BTW, is 2 thousand subscribers good?



As compared to the top ranked Pornhub guy Alex Adams, he has 3 Billion views, 302 million profile views,  and over 1 million subscribers.


But wait, Hatler said he’s top 3, so lets go look at the 4th most popular performer, Danny D, and compare:

Danny has almost a billion views, his Profile had 33.5 million views, and 111,000 subscribers.

According to most sites, The Honorable Dr. Johnny Sins, and Jordi El Niño Polla round out the top 3..

As for Hatler, I went and checked Gay tubes and Trans, Hatler isn’t popular there either. I’m beginning to think Hatler is only popular in Hatler’s head.

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