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Have I Neglected You? Sorry! I’ve Got a New Website…

NL-I’ve kept up all the posting and upkeep here at LIB over the last couple months, but I have been less responsive to e-mails and commenters. Now I’ll tell you the reason…. I’ve been working on a new site. So my usual 6 hours a night(or day) of  sleep has turned into four. While I may have been a little grumpier than usual, I think it will be worth it in the end. While it’s not totally done yet, it’s close enough to have visitors. It launches today. Please visit. About 75% of you are going to laugh when you see the title….

I have some terrific writers already, and have many more coming on board. After you have dinner and you are bored with nothing else to do, go take a look around. And you can leave comments but only if you are NICE! No trash talking on the new site. It’s a Polite Site!

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