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Heart Broken Anonymous Founder Naz Perez on Sluts & Scholars

This week on sex-positive podcast Sluts & Scholars, Heart Broken Anonymous founder Naz Perez joins co-hosts Nicoletta and Simone to discuss heartbreak and reality romance. The episode is now available for download at iTunes and Spotify.

“Romance powerhouse, bachelor expert and heartbreak supporter Naz Perez gave us a wonderfully normalizing perspective on heartbreak and grief,” said co-host Nicoletta Heidegger.

In AA for Heartbreak with Naz Perez, Perez joins the scholarly sluts to discuss heartbreak and reality romance. As the former producer on The Bachelor, Perez now hosts a monthly heartbreak support group. The three discuss some of their most painful heartbreaks, how having a sex podcast changes how you think about the world, what love is, and why American loves The Bachelor franchise. To listen to this episode and others, visit


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