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Heather Pink Update

She writes on MySpace:

Yesterday I was scheduled to do a scene at 10 am. First of all, I have had the flu all week and was sick. Second, my air conditioning stopped working on Monday, and I hadn’t been staying at my house, but at a friends in Pasadena.(There was a heatwave with temps. of 110+ degrees.) I left at 8:30 am. Mapquest gave me bad directions, there was tons of traffic, and it took until about 10:45am to get there. I called 30 minutes before and let them know that I didn’t think I was going to be on time. Once I was late, I feel I was given a guilt trip even though I had a legitimate reason and feel that I handled it properly. I know many women in this profession are late frequently or don’t show up, but this is my tract record:

In four years, I missed one day of work in the porn business. This is because the blood work for the monthly testing (HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia) was lost in a hurricane.I tested my mail in Florida during the spell of category 5 hurricanes they had in 2004. The only time I was ever late was yesterday.

Up until one year ago, I always held non sex industry related jobs (banking, running an upscale clothing store chain, flight attendant, etc.) I had to handle time. I never called in to any of those jobs either. I would almost rather show up sick and prove it, and get sent home, because I have seen so many people abuse the calling in system.

I just feel bad because I just signed with a new agent who doesn’t know my history. It will be another four years before anyone has another problem with me, mark my words.

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