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Heather Pink’s Ex an “Obsessive Shoplifter”

Party-boy king ‘shoplift’ spree

Porn star pans her grabby ex


A sticky-fingered socialite wannabe arrested on charges of identity theft and pilfering credit cards is an “obsessive shoplifter” who steals everything from an $11,000 Hermes Birkin bag to $1.99 gummy bears, a former lover says.
Andrew Parker, owner of now-shuttered Madison Avenue boutique A.S. Parker, has a “shoplifting problem,” according to ex-girlfriend Heather Pink, a retired porn star who witnessed him stealing the chewy candies and other items from The Food Emporium.

In an exclusive interview with The Post, the busty petite blonde also said Parker claimed he nabbed items from Dylan’s Candy Store and Walgreens while the two were together from 2005 to 2007.

“He would shoplift groceries every day,” said Pink, 29, adding that Parker once cooked a porterhouse steak dinner with meat and side dishes — all stolen. He also engaged in bad behavior at his boutique, where Pink used to work.
Parker, 40, would buy jackets and clothes for around $50 from stores like H&M and Zara and resell them for as much as $6,000 after sewing in his label. Pink called the shady acts “a predecessor to what he did.”  Parker was arrested twice and spent a week in jail in November for allegedly using credit cards that weren’t his during shopping sprees. He was charged with grand larceny and seven counts of identity theft, and was stuck behind bars until a friend paid his $20,000 bail.

A stolen AmEx and five forged Citibank cards were recovered from Parker when he was arrested, police reports said.
Parker — a fixture on the Manhattan socialite scene — allegedly purchased an $11,000 Hermes Birkin bag in June with a stolen AmEx credit card and spent $4,422 at pricey Upper East Side boutique Scoop East in April, police reports say.
Pink said one of Parker’s friends could be behind the shopping spree.

“He had a friend who was into stealing credit cards,” Pink said. “He was a bartender who would take customers’ credit cards.”
The bartender would pocket cards left at the bar by drunken patrons and use them at fancy boutiques. “It wouldn’t surprise me if he was supplying stolen cards to [Parker],” said Pink. “[Parker] kind of defended [the stolen cards]. He would be like, ‘It’s not bad. They’ll dispute the charge,’ ” she added.Parker had an obsession with Gotham’s moneyed elite.

“He so badly wanted to be one of the socialites,” said Pink, who added that Parker never had more than $8,000 in savings.
AmEx sued Parker for $200,000 in unpaid platinum-card bills. He has also been sued by JPMorgan Chase and by fur wholesaler LeGAR for $20,000.

Parker gave Pink her a starring role in a skin flick he produced called “Trust Fund Sluts,” she said.
After a week of filming, Parker’s mother, Beverly, discovered that her son was funding the porn project with her credit cards. Beverly blamed Pink and the couple broke up a month later, the ex-lover said.

“This girl is a lying sociopath,” Parker said. “These are all really false allegations.”

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