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Heather Veitch Seeks A New Direction

The Christian evangelist blogs:

I thought the best way to respond to you all is by writing a blog. Well.. first off I am very happy that many of you feel inspired to start ministries that reach out to girls in the sex industry. But unfortunetly I just do not have the time or the calling to be a mentor to you. I would love to think that God had called me to lead you or tell you how to run your ministries but that is just not my calling. Where God has gifted me is in building relationship with girls in the industry. I am not much of a leader but I am very good at bringing girls to church and sharing with them my story in hopes that they can start a relationship with Christ.

Also if you have a problem with the people on my front page.. I DONT CARE. I never claim to be running a myspace for Christians. This myspace is only to comunicate with the girls in the industry that I am in relationship with. If you dont like their pictures get off my myspace! I really cant stand your rude comments to me about people that I love and God loves as well. I think if anyone would like to give me their advice on how my myspace should look .. you should be a person that is running a EFFECTIVE ministry that reaches out to these girls. If not I think you should start focussing on how God is calling you to do things not on how he has called me to do it.

BTW I attend a very great church that is in full support of me. I am blessed enough to have a great mentor and several wonderful pastors to give me advice and guidence. I also have a couple of close friends that I can talk to and seek there advice.

I also really want to let everone know.. I dont know it all ! In fact at times I am very lost and not sure where to go. So if you want to be a friend or a support to me please pray for me. Please pray that Gods will  be done in my life whether I like it or not. It is scary to pray that because God can really rock my world but I do know that his way is the best … even when it doesnt look like it. So again..sometimes I need others to pray that for me because I dont always want to do what he wants me to do.

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