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Hef Heartbroken…

Tweets from Hugh Hefner-

The one who has been the most supportive is Anna. She didn’t see this coming either, & she’s Crystal’s best friend.

I didn’t see any of this coming, but I’m glad things went wrong before the marriage instead of after. Live & learn.

Crystal did an interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning to explain everything, but I still don’t have a clue.

Holly came by to wish me well. The outpouring of support & affection from so many quarters is really touching.
Barbi Benton called to offer her emotional support, along with a lot of former girlfriend & Playmates.

Recent events call for a special sticker on the July cover. Look for it on newsstands.

Marston won tonight’s domino game with Shera Bechard, Cristal Camden, Ashley Hobbs, Jennifer Pershing, Anna Sophia Berglund & me.

Omg @CrystalHarris left @hughhefner the day her single came out on iTunes. Coincidence? I think not.
My ex, Kim Conrad, & her mother, came by to lend their emotional support. I appreciate it.

The TMZ report that Crystal & I “had a nasty argument,” prompting her to call off the wedding, is untrue. There were no arguments.

Crystal took Charlie with her when she left & I really miss him.
Since we’re not getting married on Saturday, I’ve scheduled a movie: “Runaway Bride.” Seems appropriate.
The breakup is a heart breaker, but better now than after the marriage.
Crystal’s “Club Queen” became available on iTunes today. I hope it’s a hit.
I told the guys about the breakup Monday night & they were very supportive. We watched the doc “Say Goodbye to the President. ” Powerful.
The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart.

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