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Hefner Has ‘Lost His Mind’ Says Flynt

Hefner Has Lost His Mind Says Flynt

This past weekend Larry Flynt, founder of the notorious Huslter Magazine  weighed in on Playboy’s recent decision to cut nudity from it’s iconic magazine and online products.

Playboy publicly announced that it was removing nudity from it’s brand simply because it is now too easy to view the same material and much more online for free. The plan is to focus on the editorials and other content that helped made Playboy unique in the marketplace but not everyone agrees it was a good move.

On CNN, Larry Flynt commented that Hefner is really more of an artist than a business man and he questions to success of Playboy’s plan. He points out that his Hustler brand continues to make a profit by streamlining staff and other cost-cutting moves instead of messing with the core element of his business. Larry Flynt called attention to Hugh Hefner’s age and said that while Playboy helped set the stage for the industry, Hefener had “lost his mind.

It’s hard to disagree that Playboy now finds itself in a market where nudity and full hardcore sex is available nearly anywhere. No matter what side of the debate you’re on it is clear that iconic brands list Playboy are struggling to keep up with changing expectations and emerging technologies. Playboy has reported positive results after making this change on select online products. It will be interesting to see how this move effects Playboy and their brand over the next year.


You can read more details about this controversial plan from Playboy in our original story.

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