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Heidi Mayne Farts A Lot! lol

Lets keep it real, shall we?
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by Heidi Mayne from her myspace blog

I’ve been getting a lot of date invites/requests lately, now that I’m newly single- and that’s nice and all but here’s what you need to know before you dig yourself a hole you wished you didn’t:Oh, and a side note, I expect nothing from my man that I wouldn’t actually do myself- I believe in reciprocation. That being said, here goes nuttin:
– I speak my mind and mean what I say, like it or not

 – I like to be doted on to a degree but not smothered- just let me know you care

 -I expect at least small tokens of your affection for me every now and then, be it a flower or something of that nature

-I like to cuddle…even in the middle of the night, I will grab an arm or something of yours (no not THAT, lol)and hold onto it- its just something I do in my sleep

-You think you’re funny? Got some good one-liners? They now belong to me. Yep, I am a thief of your wittiness- its an art, really, but get used to it, I’m good at it

-I will poke fun at you, not out of malice, but out of love and just plain fun- I expect you to be able to laugh at yourself. If you have no sense of humor, then there is no future

-OK, I am HUMAN, -My feet are hell-a cold, like f-ing corpse feet, and I will touch you with them just to get a rise outta ya

-I snore- not always, but if I have a cold or allergies, watch out!

-Chili and cayenne pepper gives me diahrea- so mexican food is OUT!

-I fart(a lot at times), just ask my ex, I can peal the paint off the walls sometimes, lol—and I burp- let’s just say I’m a gaseous anomoly,lol!

– I’m a little OCD about cleaning these days, I like order

Alrighty then, still think I’m date-worthy? You’re a brave man if ya do..

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