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Heidi Mayne Interview

Heidi’s page at Gold Star Modeling.

We talk on the phone Thursday morning, July 5.

She speaks so quietly, I can barely hear her.

As a child on the East Coast, she wanted to become a nurse.

“In high school, I didn’t hang out with a crowd. I was quiet. Reserved. I had two or three close friends.”

Her best classes were Science and English.

She lost her virginity at 17.

She went to college for two years to study Physical Therapy. “The money ran out. I spent a couple of years as a nurse’s assistant. Then I spent a couple of years dancing.”

Heidi, 28, has a similar body to Holly Randall. She’s 5’8″ and 140 pounds. She measures a muscular 36D-30-36. When I close my eyes with Holly, it’s easy to imagine that I’m really doing Heidi. Their names are so similar and all… I like to play Heidi’s movies in the background when I’m making out with Holly, which is beginning to freak out Miss Randall, but I like that.

“I got so many requests when I was dancing. They thought they were a porn director. The backyard garage sleazy guy. I didn’t trust ’em. I wouldn’t film with them. But it made me look into the industry deeper to find someone legitimate.”

Heidi has done over 40 scenes. Her first one was in January.

Heidi is married with a kid. “[Porn] gives me something interesting to talk about when I come home from work.”

“I have a love/hate relationship with my body. I love that I’m muscular but sometimes I hate it because I’m not skinny like the other girls.”

Luke: “Have you lost any friends from your decision to do porn?”

Heidi: “No, because my friends don’t know I do porn.”

She describes herself as a “homebody. I like to hang out at home, cook dinners and watch movies.”

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