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Heidi Mayne is a Jersey Girl !

Here I am.. take me or leave me   

by Heidi Mayne

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I am a Jersey girl through and through. I’m not very superficial, I was raised to put others before myself and I still do. I love helping people. I can’t stand to see people cry or suffer, it doesn’t matter if it’s a total stranger or my best friend, it really bothers me, I’m sort-of an empath in that respect.

I’m adopted. Most people don’t ever get to say they chose their parents, but I did. I don’t really know who my biological parents are and I don’t want to. My real parents are the ones who raised me- they saved my life. They love me for who and what I am and that will never change.

 So ya wanna know…. How did I get into porn? It’s a friggin’ long ass story. If you were to tell me ten years ago, that I would be an AVN Award winning porn chick now, I tell you to go fuck yerself….hard.

Ten years ago I was in college studying to be a nurse and working the graveyard shift in a hospital in New Jersey. When I turned 21 I quit college due to lack of funds and I took the civil service test for New Jersey just to see what would happen. Well, the Department of Corrections came knocking. So I spent 3 years as a State Corrections Officers for New Jersey… downside- it makes ya a real C-U-N-T! And I mean it!!

So I quit that job and opted for something a little more….well….fun! How does being a stripper in Philadelphia sound? Sounds GREAT!! I get to dance(which I love) and it WAS awesome money. I did that for roughly 4 years.

Okay, so here’s how porn comes into the picture… I constantly, for some ungodly reason, (could it have been the live girl/girl shows I did on stage?) wanna-be porn directors kept approaching me at the club saying they wanted to shoot me.

I’m thinking, at the time, “yeah right dude- you want to rape me and chop me up in tiny pieces and throw my ass in the river!” BUT it did peek my interest in the adult industry and I looked into it. Knowing that 90% of it is shot in LA, I looked for an agent there and found LA Direct Models… and here I am and here I’ll stay.

I love my work. This is the happiest I’ve been in my careers ever. I have met the coolest people and the craziest people all in the same ball of wax- but it’s MY ball of wax, and I’m thoroughly melted in.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say…. so if that’s you, then we can be friends….if it ain’t then fuck off!! I hate drama queens, divas, and jerk-offs. I don’t like games, I don’t and won’t play them. Be real or be gone.

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