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Heidi Mayne Likes to be BITTEN!

by Heidi Mayne from her myspace blog

A Tale of a Vampire Fetish
Current mood:  naughty

Most people, I’m sure, when they think of “vampire fetish”, they think of fangs or maybe blood letting. To an extent these are facettes of types of vampire fetish, but not quite my style.

My style of vampire fetish- what REALLY gets me wet in the pants- BITE ME! Bite the shit outta my neck, the back of my neck, the side of my neck- I fucking LOVE it! I’ve been bitten to such an extent that I was purple around my whole neck and I loved every second of it. And I never complain about the marks that are left because the fun it is getting them! A man could do almost anything he wants to me when he’s got me by the neck- I’m not sure why, but I kind-of go into a sex trance- I will do anything and take any type of abuse! I’m a freak unleashed and I LOVE it! Now, granted, you better be fucking the ever-lovin’ shit out of me or you’re in BIG trouble! I get very horny when a man decide’s to go to town on my neck.

Just remember, when it comes to a vampire fetish, be careful what you ask for- you may just get it!

NL- Heidi, I agree with you about the biting thing. A bite on my neck makes chills run down my body…

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