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Heidi Mayne tells us how she likes to be Fucked!

From her blog
Just because I’m dirty!!!

Okay guys. You like to message me and tell me how you’re gonna “rock my world” and how you’d like to fuck me and all that, so here’s what you need to know about sex with me.

First things first- I only play with men in the adult industry, and STILL I am very picky. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s a personal preference for safety reasons. Anyhoo,
I am what is called an “alpha female”. This means that I know what I want during sex and I am an aggressive lover. This does not mean that I am gonna beat a guy down and fuck the ever-lovin’ shit out of him. It just means that I am not a submissve partner 100%. I want to be made to be submissive. I want to be made to WANT to be submissive to a guy. I love rough play. If I start rough-housing with a guy, this is the first clue that I want him. I’m testing him to see if he can take me. This is foreplay for me. I may start off tickling the guy or poking at him during humorous conversation. I will never make the first move for sex. I’ll know during my litttle rough-play session with a guy if he is game. Trust me, there has been guy or two that I wanted to just pounce on and get all sexual with, but this tends to be intimidating to men and a turn-off. I let the guy think that he is the one initiating the sex idea by actually getting “sexual” with me during rough-play.

I like a significantly taller man to fuck me, or one who is just physically larger than I am, because, in my mind, there is an extreme possibilty that he can actually overpower me. That makes me very hot. I want to be held down and pounded; I want to have my hair pulled and my neck sucked on and bitten. I want to be made to scream in orgasm from the “grounding and pounding” that I’m getting. BUT, I will resist a little. It is just my nature and it reaffirms the fact that the man is actually stronger than I am, which makes me even hotter.

I also LOVE it when I see the guy really getting off on fucking me so rough. It gets me going even hotter. When I can feel the guy I’m fucking, rithing and twitching like a palsy patient and see his eyes roll to the back of his head while I’m on top of him riding his dick…GAWD, I’m getting hot and horny just thinking about it!!

Okay, so that’s it. If I keep on with this note, I’m gonna have to go play with myself!!

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