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Hell House Pictures Investor is Pissed!

Note from a Hell House Investor-

I know it’s old now, but I just saw your article about Hellhouse and their financial issues, about them not paying their employees:
I am one of the investors, who invested directly in their films and was to be paid royalties each month. At first things were okay. I was getting paid every month, even though the earnings were lower than I expected, and movies never came out on time and were continuously delayed. Eventually I stopped getting checks, stopped getting reports. Ty Gonty would also offer up this or that excuse, say he was looking into it, etc. and never get back to me; I always had to chase him down.
To make a long story short, I haven’t paid squat since something like April of 2008; that’s when the checks stopped coming. In January I got two checks for back payments, and the larger of them (a measly $400 or so) bounced. Although I was promised a refund of the fee I had to pay, and of course the check itself, I never saw another dime from them. Since I had had enough, I asked for a buyback of my shares, and Ty agreed. We discussed the amount, it was agreed upon, and he lied through his teeth about when it was sent out. Told me more than once that it had gone out already, told me it was “set in stone” and of course nothing. Last time I talked to him about two months ago he was waffling about it, like “oh we’ll see if we can possibly do buybacks” meanwhile I still am not even getting the royalties I am owed, each month.
My last e-mail to him and his “CFO”  Crystal Hansen/Brown (in e-mail the last name changes; she claims she just got married or something), was not answered. Here is the ultra professional web site of the financial services company running his business:
The site hasn’t changed since I last looked at it months ago.
As you can imagine, I’m quite pissed. At this point, I think it’s pretty clear I’ll never see a cent from this asshole, so my new mission is to make sure no one else invests in any of his shitty projects ever again.

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