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HellHouse CEO Answers Q’s about their $$$ Problems

Ty Gonty, CEO of HellHouse Media answers my Questions.

After running my original article that you can read here. I sent questions to Ty Gonty, CEO of HellHouse Media. Here is our e-mail interview


NL-I have heard from various people that were or are in your employ that they are owed money. Since it is now four people, and the first three were all separate instances, I tend to believe them.  I cannot yet mention their names as I am waiting on their permission to make their stories public.
 TY-Without any specifics about who or what situation you are referring to, it’s hard for me to give you concise answers, but I will do my best below:

NL-I do notice that Peter Housely, who was announced as the company’s COO is no longer on your mast head as being part of your company. Can you tell me what happened there?
 TY- The contact page on our website is for public contacts, it’s not a general staff directory. Pete is actively employed as our Chief Operations Officer. Pete has recently launched a side project with his girlfriend, and we have eagerly encouraged this endeavor, but he has maintained his tasks and position within our company without any problem and we look forward to a long and successful future with him on our executive staff.

NL: I also notice that DCypher is not longer doing your Publicity. Can you tell me why he left your employ?
TY: DCypher was handling some publicity duties for our company as an independent contractor on a month to month basis. Recently, he formed his own public relations company and began building up his clientele. As a company, we have been expanding and restructuring our publicity strategy to handle our adult media side of business, while also representing our mainstream endeavors. With that being said though, we are intent on keeping DCypher a part of our overall marketing and publicity strategy, he’s a great person to have on your team, but due to ongoing negotiations I cannot give you any more details than that.
NL: It looks from your website as though Moxxie Maddron is still your contract girl, can you tell me what new movies she is coming out with, and if HellHouse and Moxxie are on good terms?
TY: Moxxie is a talented porn star, as you know. Several of our latest releases include some great scenes with her, including Economic Stimulation, My Kinky Valentine, My Hand Jobs, Lesbian Tag Teams, and of course Moxxie Maddron Goes To Hell. You can also look for her in the upcoming title Pure Fetish, as well as some other upcoming titles we have not yet announced yet, but will very soon.

NL:  I also see on your site that you are trying to sell partial interests in many of your movies and websites. So you are looking for investors.
TY:  Securing financing partners for individual projects has always been a substantial part of our overall financing strategy, with regards to adult media projects. However, due to some current business restructuring and the state of the overall financial market, we do plan to eliminate this program over the coming months, in favor of a more conventional financing strategy.

NL: The most important questions that need answering truthfully are- Is HellHouse having financial difficulties?  Do you owe people money? Who and how much? And when will they be paid?
TY: To be completely honest, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a company in any industry that is not having some sort of financial difficulty in the current economic climate. We certainly are no exception, and with the additional troubles facing the adult industry, such as piracy, we are dealing with twice the problems.

With that being said though, I don’t think it’s a climate that cannot be successfully navigated through; it’s just going to take some additional effort and sacrifice. Like many other companies, we’ve had to tighten our belt, make some cuts, and restructure our overall outlook and strategy moving forward.

One problem we faced when the economy began to collapse was a number of our financial partners defaulting on their commitments to us, creating a budget deficit that trickled down to every corner of the company. This obviously requires a complete overhaul of budgets, since it eliminates a large portion of available working capital, and can negatively affect the entire operation of a company if not managed carefully. That’s where proper restructuring comes into play.

One of the first things we have done as a part of our restructuring process is bring on a new Chief Financial Officer, with her own independent staff,  to oversee the entire financial aspect of our company and make any changes necessary to deal with whatever the economy throws our way. Naturally, assigning an entire aspect of our company to a new team of people has resulted in some speed bumps, but the new financial department has been quickly catching up to speed and issuing any payments due as fast as possible.

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