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HellHouse’s New Venture

NL-Looks like Ty Gonty has his wife working hard now. Wonder what happened to the RV world tour? Please look up all past articles on HellHouse before doing business with them.

HellHouse Dungeon – Now Booking Sessions!
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HellHouse Dungeon is a Seattle-Area BDSM Dungeon, operating as a division of HellHouse Media, Seattle’s premier adult entertainment company. Founded in 2004, HellHouse Media and HellHouse Dungeon are long standing members of the Washington State Adult entertainment and BDSM Community. HellHouse Dungeon employs a highly skilled and experienced staff who pride themselves in being experts in adult gender transformation, Female supremacy, humiliation, power exchange, BDSM, and other similiar performance arts. Our company stands behind the belief that people who are going to partake in these types of arts and activities should be well trained, experienced, and knowledgable about the history of the art, as well as any and all personal and safety issues involved with the activity or individual participants. Our staff offers complete Domination sessions and training lessons in these arts for people of all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

HellHouse Dungeon offers one-on-one BDSM, fetish, and Domination sessions with the most beautiful Dominatrices in the world. Our well equipped dungeon is located less than ten minutes south of Seattle, WA.

If you are interested in booking a session, send an email request detailing exactly what you are looking for, and preferred dates and times. We will respond to your inquiry promptly, and provide you with instructions as to how to book a session.

NOTE: Be sure to be very aware of the laws governing performance art and BDSM activities in your area, as well as any area you are visiting. HellHouse Dungeon promotes and encourages LEGAL activies only and follows all local, state, and national laws in all training sessions. We expect our trainees to abide by these laws as well. Any trainee found to be disobeying this rule in any way (by participating in illegal activities, or even by simply requesting or encouraging an illegal activity) may face immediate cancellation of their training without refund, criminal prosecution, and possible removal from the premises.

Staff-Madame Sindi – Head Mistress
> Visit Her Website
> View Her Photos
Lady Cara – Mistress in Training/Switch
> View Her Photos – COMING SOON!

PS- on the same topic, Moxxie Maddron asks that you don’t pay to join her site since she has no involvement with it and gets no money from it.

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